Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

It may still feel like summer outside, but ever since Starbucks brought back the PSL, autumn's been in the air for me. Amidst the back-to-school whirlwind of excitement and, of course, stress, I've lent myself to daydreaming about falling leaves and halloween costumes. Quilted vests and riding boots? Yes please! 
 I thought, after too much separation with blogging, I'd share with you my current wishlist. 
This J. Crew vest is to die for. I have been lusting over them since last winter!

A monogram necklace is so classic. The question: gold or silver? My heart is saying gold!

A navy Longchamp. What more is there to say?

I know these are basic, but they are such staples! I can't wait to cozy up for fall! What's on your weekend wishlist?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to School Style Must-Haves

I'm going back to my final year of high school, and I'll be the first to admit that it has taken me four years to figure out how I feel most comfortable and confident for school. If you're like me, and no uniform is in place at school, a few things can happen. 1, you can fall into the dreaded pattern of always wearing similar outfits. 2, you can get overwhelmed by the number of style opportunities awaiting you. 3, you can mourn the fact you are not donning a Constance uniform this September, *sobs

While B, S, and little J run the Upper East Side in uniform couture, we commoners are left to fend for ourselves in the sea of Nordstroms, J. Crews, Urbans, Anthros, Madewells, and more. It is SO important to make sure that, although we always keep up on seasonally trendy items, we invest in our essentials. So, I've put together a personal list of back to School Style Must haves!

Tops are one of the easiest items to change trends. So, when something funky and fun is spotting the covers of Teen Vogue and Cosmo, make sure that you don't invest too much in these simply seasonal items. While these perky pieces are trendy from time to time, make sure to keep some basics on hand. Stripes are always cute and easy to match, and every girl needs a basic sweater to wear too much. A white vneck is always handy, so don't be afraid to keep a couple at the ready. Chambray is such an essential, and looks great with white jeans, colorful and print bottoms, and with a lazy legging look. A simple peplum top adds instant girly flair; it looks polished without being too much of a statement. These classic pieces keep your wardrobe freshly stocked with basic neutrals to complement any clean cut look.

Shorts and skirts are a warm weather must have! Keep it simple with an A-line and a pencil cut, and keep the hem conservative but youthful. Don't be afraid of slimming patterns! With shorts, never wear anything to school that is uncomfortably short, but keep your looks polished with an appropriate length that's still fun.

It can get chilly pretty fast, so pants are a must. I'm a self professed jeanaholic, so I keep a few different pairs handy. It is always smart to have a comfy, cute pair of capris ready for that in between weather. But, don't forget a classic pair of skinnies! And of course, what would be back to school without a comfy, conservatively style pair of black leggings? 

And never forget your basic silver and gold jewelry. Of course your stack will change periodically, and perhaps your watch will too, but some pieces just say classic. Among these, we always have our pearls, chain linked bracelet, monograms, and bows!

Let the school bells ring! (But not for another month or so, please!)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bon Voyage or Bonne Visage? Traveling with Makeup

Makeup: I'm obsessed. While I long for the days when I could be contented with just a touch of moisturizer, I've come to truly enjoy putting on my makeup (every?) morning. While I condone the ultra-fresh faced look, I know that I personally feel so much more confident and complete with a clean bit of making-up. While it is fun to experiment with the catalog of eyeshadows, blushes, and glosses at our fingertips, I think it is so important to not overdo it. Keeping your makeup chic and simple, but put together, makes sure you look professional and neat, but never overbearing. 

But, as a very visual person, I love examples of looks to give me ideas. With a bit of inspiration, you can get a feel for shades and styles that will complement your features. I really love these, dewy, clean, soft, fresh, and put together looks that  Leighton sports so often.

When it comes to replicating this kind of look at home- simple! You have your vanity right in front of of you! But, when you are on the go, it can be tough to decide which "essentials" are really essential. Because I mean lets be frank, I really do consider most things essential... And that's where my issue lies. But, never fear! It can be done!
In my travel makeup bag, the medium size from Vera Bradley, I have just enough room for the little things. That is, one of everything, not a couple of blushes or tubes of mascara. A primer for face and eyes is essential wherever you go, especially when traveling to some warm destination in the tropics where your makeup is just bound to slide off. To keep the look light, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. If covering up is needed, never forget a good concealer! And every vacation requires a little bit of bronzer, but try and stick to a matte finish as it will serve as both a contour and a faux tan. A shimmerless blush is always a good basic, and for on the go, creme blush is a must! Even the driest of skin can get oily, so don't forget your go-to blotting powder! As for eyes, I'm a bit of a shadow addict. But, in an effort to stay away from too many complicated eye looks, I've opted to leave my Naked palette at home. Instead, I've brought one shade of shadow in a basic neutral.... And if I'm really feeling daring, I can just up the eyeliner! As far as tools go, I'm only bringing the bear basics: a brush that can work for blush and bronzer, an eye brush, and my trusty lash curler! Voila!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Traveling in style (and comfort)

Traveling outfits these days can be quite an enigmatic topic. Gone are the days of Pan Am jetsetting style (sigh)...

But, while I mourn the fall of the jet age, we come to the crossroads of modern traveler's style- comfort and class. Who's to say that you should don your Sunday best to fly over Greenland when the passenger on your right is snoring in bunny slippers and button-down pjs? There is a fine line between being comfy and having a slumber party in the Business Class section. Not that I would be opposed to an in-flight party, but that's a different story. Here are just a few ways to keep your ensemble relaxing enough to lounge in for seven hours at 30,000 feet, while maintaining an air of jetset dignity.

 A basic white V-neck, from Target to Madewell is simple and soft. Pair it with a vest like this Patagonia piece and battle the ever-changing temperatures your aircraft has to offer. A basic pair of black leggings is a classic choice, and this J. Crew pair is great quality and easy to wear. Rainbows are hearty flip flops that can get thrown around and still look great, and tossing them off at security is a breeze. If traveling gives you cold feet, (ha), stash a pair of socks to slip on during the flight. A classic pair of pearls keeps it sweet and gives this effortless look a chic vibe.

Of course, a little bit more formality never hurt anybody. Switching from leggings to jeans is an easy way to make the look feel a tad more polished. The gold and gold combination of these adorable Kate Spade earrings and some classic Jack Rogers is a subtle way to bring a little pop to the look, while still keeping it relaxed. For the top, I like to pair a blouse and a sweater, both J. Crew above, for a cute layered look- layering is a traveling gals best friend! On one hand, it means you can change layers when you get too warm or chilly. On the other hand, cute layers scream "I am really just that put together," without being too over the top.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Oui, nous allons passer quelques semaines en France ...

And I simply cannot wait! I feel so blessed, this summer is just turning out to be the best ever. But, packing for France means stressing about assembling the perfect ensembles. I thought I'd share with you a few of my ideas...

Top, Shorts J. Crew
Shoes Sperrys
Bracelet Kate Spade

Top, skirt J. Crew
Jacks Jack Rogers
Earrings Kate Spade
Sunglasses Prada

Top, chinos, lipstick J. Crew
Jacks Jack Rogers

Top, Shorts J. Crew
(do I have a J. Crew issue? Yes. Yes I do.)
Shoes Sperrys
Sunglasses Prada

C'est tout!


What's in my bag?

Usually just the essentials, and of course a Starbucks receipt or two.
Everything fits into my  Kate Spade Grove Court Maisie Satchel which is in blue- daring but fun! It may be bold, but a good royal blue fits into so many more outfits than you would think.

Of course, blue and yellow are just darling together, and I really adore this Kate Spade Brightspot Avenue Stacy Wallet, it is so so well made.

I love little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works- they are portable, cute, and always smell yum!

Speaking of smelling yum, I really am loving this Grace Rollerball from Philosophy. It's definitely a chic scent, and it feels and smells super clean, I love it.

Keys are a must, and I always keep track of them on my Vera Bradley Lanyard!

Last but not least, a classic pair of shades. I am really loving the retro vibe of these Prada Sunglasses. Plus, the tortoise is to die for.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From the diaries of a clinical overpacker...

The shoe dilemma is one that has plagued self-proclaimed fashionistas since the dawn of time, or the creation of the patent leather pump. When it comes to packing them, it can be quite the battle. Whether the trouble lies in choosing which pairs to haul or in getting them to squeeze- it can be a terrible loss to find yourself prepping for a luncheon on the beach or a night out in Venice and realize you have come with only a dowdy pair of flats and some sandals. While it is important to cover all possibilities, how can we keep from wrapping up our entire closet and shipping it first-class across the Atlantic?

Depending on the occasion, I am a firm believer in the "three shoe" rule. Sound like too many? That worries me. Sound like to little? Trust me, it can work. Of course, if you do have the luxury of staying in one solitary location, a vacation without destination-hopping that is, then my goodness please bring your fair share of Rogers', Weitzman's, and Chanel's. However, if you find yourself with only limited packing space, like myself, stick with this plan:

1.The (cute, clean, and somewhat chic) exercise shoe: One pair of shoes for on the go fun, and the occasional work out. Yes, I said it.

2. The (rugged, worn, and comfy) basic shoe: I chose Rainbows, but this can be anything from Sperry's to Toms. It should be easy to wear, blister-free, and in a basic shade that can complement any outfit. But, although these have more pomp than the exercise shoe, they can still afford a bit of scuffing.

3. The (cute, classic, and fun) special shoe: Make it a step up from the other two pairs, but make sure this item is timeless. It would be a detriment to only bring a pair that's cheetah print sparkles and is only going to be oh so "in" this season. But, if it's fun you want to have, this is the time. Just take into consideration that bringing a timeless piece will probably complement multiple ensembles instead of just one or two.